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My Name is Jane Tompsett and I have been a cat lover for over forty years!

As you can imagine, I have owned many lovely cats during that time but I can honestly say that my biggest problem with them has been dealing with spraying around the home.

Not only does it mean a lot of cleaning up to do but that dreadful odor hangs around - no matter how many products I buy and no matter how often I use them.

The smell is the worst thing, isn't it? And it really makes you emabarrassed to invite your friends and family around. The problem got so bad for me that I actually stopped  letting people through my front door in case they caught a whiff of cat urine.

Don't get me wrong, I love my cats
and I am prepared to make sacrifices to share my life with them -
but this problem just got too bad to forgive

In the end, my husband told me that we had to re-home our pets or have them put to sleep and that broke my heart. I was trying so hard to get rid of the smell and I must have tried every product on the market but all my cats did was come and spray all over again.

I was getting stressed, my cats were getting punished (it didn't do any good!) and I was facing the prospect of having to make that awful trip to the vet to have them put to sleep.

Things were really desperate.

I just couldn't face ending my pet's lives just because I couldn't find a solution to my problem.

So I started scouring every single scrap of information I could find that would give me an insight into why I couldn't stop my cats spraying in my home.

I spoke to every cat owner I knew and contacted cat professionals for their advice.

And you know what? Very few of them could tell me anything other than 'keep using the products'.

All the so-called expert's advice was useless!

I was running out of time. My husband was insisting that I get rid of our beautiful pets and I didn't want to. I don't think that I have ever cried as much in secret as during that awful time.

But, amazingly, in my darkest hour, I found a ray of hope.

I was clearing out some old books from our attic - books that had been brought from my Mother's house many years previously.

Amongst these happened to be one written by an animal behaviorist and what I read, sitting alone in that dusty attic, changed my life and saved my cats!

This book was written long before commercial pet products had been thought of and developed. Before, even, cat ownership had become the norm.

This far-sighted animal behaviorist regognised that changing behavior of animals through understanding their motivations was the key to harmonious relationships. Furthermore, he gave household remedies for many things - including how to remove cat urine and its smell from your home.

Needless to say, I wasted no time in trying out his suggestions - after all, what had I got to lose?

It took a few tries but guess what? His home recipe worked and what he taught in his book provided they key to breaking the awful cycle of repeat spraying - permanently.

And in solving my problem I learned a disturbing and scandalous truth:-

Using commercial 'stop spraying' and 'urine removal' products actually forces your cat to spray again and again!  And of course, that makes great financial sense for the product owners - lots of repeat sales.

Oh, they work for a short while and you think that you have managed to remove that awful smell from your home - but they miss one vital piece of information and it is this critical piece of the puzzle that guarantees long-term failure to rid yourself of the problem.

My cats nearly lost their lives because of this deception and I vowed that I would do my very best to prevent other people going though what I had endured - any maybe save other cats from being put to sleep my owners who were at the end of their tether.

So I decided to put all this hidden information together and have compiled a

'Cat Owners Confidential' Special Report.

'Stop Your Cat Spraying Around Your Home
Quickly, Easily and Permanently'

It's not got a fancy cover or a hyped-up sales letter with a dozen people you've never heard of telling you how wonderful it is - it's just one cat lover offering some real help in solving a problem to other cat lovers looking for the same answers.

And it's not got a fancy price tag either - just $17.00.  I figure that you'd spend more than that on just one commercial product, so it's got to be good value.

So because I'm just an ordinary cat lover and not some Super Marketer, I'll give you my personal guarantee that if you follow all the advice and techniques detailed in the report and really can't stop your cat spraying around your home, I'll refund the cost for up to a full 56 days from purchase without quibble.

All I ask is that you, as a cat owner, make the effort to do your part - and I am certain that if you do, you will be able to change your cat's behavior and stop them spraying in your home.

It worked for me, so I know it will work for you too.

To get your copy of this 'Cat Owners Confidential' Special Report on How To Stop Your Cat Spraying Quickly, Easily and Cheaply, click on the payment button below.  Your order will be processed immediately and securely and you can be downloading your copy within minutes - no matter what time of day or night.


You will be amazed at the sheer common sense of the information contained in this sepcial report and angered at the fact that this solution has been hidden from the public for so long.

I know that you love your cat as much as I love mine and the knowledge that you will gain will enable that love to last as long as life itself - and without the fear of any more nasty smells lingering in your hom.

With warmest wishes to you and your cat,

Jane Tompsett

PS. You can stop your cat spraying around your home right now. Just follow the easy steps in this Special 'Cat Owners Confidential' Guide and you'll never be ashamed to invite visitors into you home again!